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Many Gamers Have Been Waiting For This New Command To Be Added To Minecraft

For its players, Mojang Studios is offering a beneficial new function. ‘Location feature’ is a new command introduced by the developers. Learn more about the 11 aspects that make up the Log4j vulnerability: What’s the point, do you have any reason to be afraid? Although the game seems simple at first glance, it is one […]

It looks like Fortnite’s Tilted Towers could be destroyed yet again

Just last month, players finally got to see the return of Fortnite‘s Leaning Tower landmark in Epic’s hugely popular battle royale game after nearly three years. However, data researchers have discovered evidence that Epic is planning to destroy the Leaning Tower again. Tilted Towers was introduced to Fortnite in Season 2 and quickly became known […]

SHIN GODZILLA Director Is Building a Shared Universe with Godzilla, Ultraman, Kaman Rider, and Evangelion

Shared universes are all the craze right now, but the only studio that has been actually to effectively pull it off is Marvel Studios. Well, Shin Godzilla director, Hideaki Anno, is now going to give it a try with the Shin Japan Heroes Universe. This universe will bring together Godzilla, Ultraman, Kamen Rider, and robot […]

Uncharted’s Fortnite Skins are Impressive, But Also Way Too Smooth

Uncharted hits theaters this week, after several delays and around a decade of development. Since this is of course a huge blockbuster and is based on a fairly popular franchise, it means it’s time for a Fortnite mash-up. Who’s ready for some character skins? The battle royale cartoon is bringing Nathan Drake to the helm […]


As part of experimental features in Minecraft Rug version 1.18.10, Mojang has revealed some of the frog abilities that are coming in this year’s Wild Update. They can eat small Slimes and small Magma Cubes, which is a habit enough to be silly. As Mojang shared during today’s Minecraft Live showcase, frogs had a brief period as […]

How to download Minecraft with its latest version 2022 on Android and PC

How to download Minecraft with its latest version 2022 on Android and PC Home » Technology » How to download Minecraft with its latest version 2022 on Android and PC February 16, 2022 How to download the game Minecraft with its latest version 2022 on Android and PC – educate me How to download Minecraft, […]

Minecraft – How to Attract Bees

Keep those bees from buzzing off! Minecraft has acquired a lot of new creatures throughout its life cycle. Among the many creatures and animals, bees are a relatively recent addition to the game. Bees can be useful for pollinating different plants in Minecraft. They are also a major source of honey and hive, making them […]

Dragon Ball Super has proven Vegeta is stronger than Goku, and it’s not that close

During his recent battle with Granolah, Vegeta’s performance suggests he may have begun to overcome Goku’s Super Instinct. While Vegeta is often looked down upon for playing the second game with Goku, recent chapters of Dragon Ball: Super suggest that the Saiyan prince may have finally overtaken his opponent. Although Vegeta has never officially lost […]