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Within the ever expanding universe of Star Trek, there is a plethora of alien races. Each of these has their own distinctive society, biology, religion, and sociopolitical structures. Star Trek Hawaiian Shirt, Some of these are one-off races, shown for an episode only to disappear into space never to be seen again. Others are franchise favorites, coming back time and time again as both friend and foe. But of all these reoccurring aliens, which are the most liked?

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Star Trek Hawaiian Shirt

Of course, “most liked” is a highly subjective title. Different races have vastly different relationships with one another across the galaxy. With that in mind, it’s better to classify some of the most best-liked races in Star Trek into their distinct categories.Of all the aliens found in Star Trek ,the Betazoids are most likely up there with the most widely adored, beings of compassion and empathy. Their telepathic abilities give them a unique advantage. They can get quick and easy reads on others, allowing them to fully understand their feelings, emotions, and thoughts. Betazoids can then adjust their behavior to follow suit. Deanna Troi, the ship’s counselor aboard the iconic Enterprise D of The Next Generation era, is a prime example of a Betazoid (despite being half human). She is a caring and much loved character who embodied the compassion and empathy the race was all about. This was reflected perfectly not only in how much her crew liked her, but audiences too.

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