Dragon Ball Super 14. Son Goku, Galactic Patrol

Dragon Ball Super for me is a great manga that improves with each story. Already in episode 14, the episode entitled Son Goku, who patrols the galaxy, the series continues its route and improves. And look, I think Dragon Ball Super is a series that you must have. Now I tell you more.

Dragon Ball Super, a manga that improves with each story

Let’s see. When Dragon Ball Super started many years ago, it did so in the anime (which was poorly drawn at first) and in the manga. Something that is not very common. Generally, the manga goes first and then it is shown in the anime. But hey, let me go back in time further and change the third. I will return to this topic later.

Akira Toriyama, the creator of Dragon Ball is a genius. One out of millions. After completing Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, he took a break. I make another parenthesis because I wanted to tell you that the series may have ended when Goku defeated Frieza, but Akira Toriyama eventually, after a forced break, continued the story of androids and then by Monster Buu to create an incredible series. But with what I’m going to do, Tokiyama can’t take it anymore. The drama and the pressure have eaten away at him, but people are asking for more and more Dragon Ball. The author eventually sold the rights and omitted the product, and that was noted. What comes next is Dragon Ball GT, which for me is a real aberration. And the series languishes. Years ago, the studio decided to continue the series right after the Bu saga, leaving Dragon Ball GT aside. So GT was a bad dream and they took it out of the continuum, out of the norm. Another detail, it is now rumored that they want to put the GT in some way in the continuum. I hope that’s not the case.

Well, nothing, and what comes after decades has become the origin story with new and good adventures with Dragon Ball Super. In DBS Toriyama, in order not to get tired, he just gave some basic outlines, a kind of plot that he entrusted to Toyotaro, who completed the script and drawings. Anime goes the other way.

Currently, as I write, the anime is still on hold after the Tournament of Power, but it will return to the Moro and Granola saga, the latter of which has yet to be published in Spain.

As I said at the beginning, until the Tournament of Power anime and manga go hand in hand, and even the most advanced anime. And although they share the same plot as Toriyama, its development in the anime is not the same as in the manga. A bit of a mess, isn’t it? And more than that, volume 1 of the manga is by far the weakest in the entire saga, because there are events that pierce through the roof. For example, Frezer’s resurrection is mentioned (which happens in the anime) but in the manga there is none. The battle of the healing gods, in the anime there is even a video clip, in the manga it is 3 pages long. I think volume 1 of Dragon Ball Super is behind the manga and becomes the worst volume, by far in the entire saga. I firmly believe that many, many people will buy or read that volume 1 and will not continue. And that makes sense, but it’s a mistake, because manga started to improve in a forced march and in a huge way.

And here we are, almost finished Moro saga, which for me is one of the best Dragon Ball sagas in its entire history. And you know what? It won’t go unnoticed because many people don’t know it. Most are waiting for the anime to see it, but they are missing out on a great manga. I assume and hope that when the anime comes out, people will return to their bookstores to buy manga.

One flaw that Dragon Ball Super suffers from is that it is not published in Shōnen Jump, which publishes weekly and most popular series, but rather on V. Jump, a magazine with a much smaller circulation. . Even so, I can tell you that it looks like Dragon Ball Super will be around for a while, and I hope it gains more followers over time, it’s worth it.

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