Dragon Ball Super chap 81 spoiler prediction: Goku VS Gas!

Dragon Ball Super chap 81 spoiler prediction, chapter 80 summary: After regaining his composure, Gas has attained ultimate state! The only one who can defeat Gas right now is Goku – now a bit exhausted. With information about Bardock’s old war, will Goku find a way to defeat Gas?

Summary of Dragon Ball Super chapter 80

Enraged because he couldn’t eat Granolah, Gas got lucky and attacked. The longer the match lasted, the more disadvantageous Granolah became because Gas was gradually getting used to the new power. Granolah used “clone technique” to retaliate, but it didn’t hurt Gas much. With just one hit, the clones were all destroyed.

However, it all comes down to Granolah’s calculations. While Gas was killing the clones, Granolah prepared a powerful blow. Just when Gas was defenseless, Granolah unleashed a blow, sending Gas into the river and drifting away. Macki and Oil saw this and immediately ran to save their comrades.

Elec appeared, severing the chain on Gas’s head, thereby releasing his power. Gas transforms into a stronger, more frenzied state, but also loses all reason. Monaito says he’s seen this before, during Gas’s confrontation with Bardock.

Gas flew to pound Granolah like rice (but for some reason Granolah’s body is still without a trace of blood, did the author forget?). Macki and Oil saw that Gas was losing control and intervened, but to no avail. After defeating Granolah, Gas went to Vegeta and began torturing his opponent. Goku intervenes. For a moment, Gas saw Bardock’s figure. Gas gradually calmed down and regained his sanity. Yes, Gas is at its strongest now!

Dragon Ball Super chap 81 spoiler prediction

Granolah has fallen, Vegeta has just been beaten up, the only person left who can fight Granolah is Goku. Because he fought with Bardock, Gas realized that Goku seemed to be the son of his old opponent. Determined to wash the humiliation, Gas focuses on dealing with Goku first!

Goku is now almost exhausted, so he has a lot of trouble resisting a series of attacks from Gas. Lag guesses that maybe Vegeta still has a magic bean and he will give it to Goku. After recovering, Goku enters a combat Ultra Instinct state.

In the previous chapters, Monaito has not revealed the reason why Bardock defeated Gas. With the developments in chapter 80, we can guess that 40 years ago, Gas lost control, thereby indirectly creating an opportunity for Bardock to hit the finishing blow. In the next chapter, Monaito will tell everything Bardock has done to Goku so that the main character can find a way to fight Gas.

We do not know why Gas has the ability to transform. The Heeter crew all seem to come from the same race, so is it possible that each of them can transform too? What is the other race? Maybe they will have the answer in the next developments of Super Dragon Ball.

Dragon Ball Super chapter 81 release time

Dragon Ball Super – Super Dragon Ball chapter 81 will be released on the evening of February 20, 2022 . Spoiler information will be updated by Lag.vn as soon as possible.

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