Dragon Ball Super has proven Vegeta is stronger than Goku, and it’s not that close

During his recent battle with Granolah, Vegeta’s performance suggests he may have begun to overcome Goku’s Super Instinct.

While Vegeta is often looked down upon for playing the second game with Goku, recent chapters of Dragon Ball: Super suggest that the Saiyan prince may have finally overtaken his opponent. Although Vegeta has never officially lost a fight alone with Goku, he has been overshadowed in power many times and as a result, he has always earned the reputation of being the “second best” in Z Fighters. While this trend may be common to the majority of Dragon Balls, both Goku and Vegeta’s fight with rogue sniper Granolah paint a completely different picture.

In chapter 73 of Dragon Ball Super, Goku steps up to fight Granolah, but quickly realizes he’s underpowered and enters the Mastered Ultra Instinct in an attempt to overwhelm his foes. At first it appears that Granolah is being pushed against the ropes by the Ultra Instinct but it is soon revealed that Goku has been chasing a weaker clone the whole time. When the actual Granolah arrives on the scene, Goku is knocked down with a single move, both knocking him down and rendering him unconscious. This only causes Vegeta to fight Granolah, and things turn out very differently than they did back then.

Even without the power of Ultra Instinct, Vegeta is able to fend off many attacks from Granolah in his Super Saiyan Blue Evolved form. While Granolah is arguably the strongest fighter in the universe at this point, Vegeta’s skill and experience allows him to keep fighting, even at a disadvantage. As the war begins, Vegeta makes the point that the “strongest” and “second strongest” titles reflect only moments in time and that a battle is not simply decided by one’s rank. people. This line refers to Vegeta’s time as the second strongest and acts as a harbinger for him to finally overtake Goku.

With his back against the wall, Vegeta unleashes a new power based on his pride and desire to fight: the Ultra Ego. Almost immediately, Vegeta begins to overwhelm Granolah with this new technique. In addition, it is revealed that dispelling Granolah’s attacks makes Ultra Ego Vegeta even stronger over time, in direct contrast to Goku’s Ultra Instinct, which degrades over time. . Vegeta was also attacked with the same move that knocked Super Instinct Goku, and while it stunned him momentarily, the Saiyan prince was able to bounce back and continue the fight. Through being able to directly clash with Granolah, Vegeta is clearly strong enough to wage a much longer and more brutal fight than Goku.

For the most part, Goku and Vegeta remain relatively close to each other, sometimes overtaking each other and pushing each other to greater heights. Vegeta temporarily exceeding Goku’s strength is not new territory for Dragon Ball, as he is not only stronger than Goku when they first meet, but also the strongest Z-Fighter on two separate occasions in Cell Saga. While it’s impossible to say Vegeta will remain the better of the two throughout Dragon Ball: Super, it’s clear that he’s outright outperformed Goku in his battles against Granolah.

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