Dragon Ball Super: With the ability to use Ultra Instinct, can the current Goku defeat the God of Destruction?

In the past, Goku fought with Beerus. At that time, Goku used the Super Saiyan God state to fight the God of Destruction, but as a result, Monkey still lost. But at the moment, Goku can use Ultra Instinct at will. This makes many fans curious as to whether Goku can defeat Beerus with his current strength?

If Goku in Super Saiyan God form can give Beerus an interesting battle then he with Ultra Instinct can create a more intense battle

Goku in his Perfect Ultra Instinct state gave him tremendous power. In the past, Goku with the Super Saiyan God was able to fight quite epicly against Beerus. So logically if he deployed the Perfect Ultra Instinct against Beerus, it would be entirely possible to pressure Beerus even more. It’s even possible that Beerus will actually get injured if he fights Goku in this state.

Even so, there is a weakness of Perfect Ultra Instinct that could be the cause of Goku’s loss

Goku’s Perfect Ultra Instinct is really powerful. However, this form still has weaknesses. One of these weaknesses is revealed in Dragon Ball Super chapter 73. There, Goku admits to Granolah that he can’t maintain that form for too long. For example, when Granola disabled Goku, he also contributed to revealing an interesting weakness of this state, which is that Goku’s accuracy decreases the longer he stays in Ultra Perfect Instinct form.

So, despite being very strong, Perfect Ultra Instinct also makes Goku very weak, gradually his attacks also decrease in effectiveness. It doesn’t matter if Goku encounters a normally strong opponent, but if the enemy is God of Destruction level then this weakness can be a serious problem.

That is, if in the Perfect Ultra Instinct form, Goku will be able to put pressure on Beerus, their collisions cause even stronger effects than when Goku is in the Super Saiyan God state fighting Beerus. However, surely Beerus can still survive Goku’s blows. Then, when the battle goes on for too long, Goku’s attack accuracy will drop, and Beerus will be able to take advantage of that opportunity to counterattack.

It’s even possible that Goku will suddenly return to his normal form due to the exhaustion of his energy, ending the fight with a surprise knock. The same thing happened in the past, while fighting Jiren, Goku also suddenly fell down before Jiren was removed from the arena.

Goku can still hone his Ultra Instinct skill

Ultra Instinct is the technique of the Angels. Goku learned it with Whis for a while. In chapter 68, it seems that Goku’s Ultra Instinct usage is still much lower than Whis’. In particular, chapter 71 of the Dragon Ball Super manga also shows the difference between the Angels and Goku. Whis is always in an Ultra Instinct state, while in that chapter Goku still equates Ultra Instinct with a separate form.

According to Whis, if Goku could use Ultra Instinct even in his normal form, it would free up the time limit problem that has become the weakness of Perfect Ultra Instinct. If we look at Goku’s fight against Granola, Goku also hasn’t fully mastered Ultra Instinct without turning into his white haired form.

If Goku wants to fight Beerus, it seems that Monkey has to find a way to prolong the duration of Ultra Instinct. Because if the duration is too short, Beerus will only need to hold out until Goku is exhausted.

So, the answer is that for now, Goku still has no door to defeat Beerus.

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