Frieza race’s terrible ability – Dragon Ball

Throughout its timeline, Dragon Ball has introduced numerous villains, each with unique abilities, looks, and backgrounds. One of the most prominent villains is Frieza, whose appearance has a huge influence on the plot.

However, although Frieza appears often, not much is known about his family and race. This made many fans extremely curious.

The Frieza Race

The Frieza race is also known as the Frost Demon. However as mentioned above, not much is known about this race. We’ve only gotten to know some of the more famous members of the franchise like Frieza and King Cool. It is because there is not much information that this is what makes Frost Demon such a great mystery to this day.

The Frost Demon’s planetary origin is also not well known, we only know that they regularly go to other planets to conquer and rule. Usually they travel from planet to planet in their spacecraft. The Frieza race themselves are also known as conquerors, where they have taken control of various planets. They use their strength as well as their intelligence to fight for power on the planets. In fact, the Frost Demon is known as a race that fights very well, such as the Saiyan race that proved helpless in the face of Frieza and King Cold, and their armies.

What makes the Frieza race special

It is difficult to measure how great the Frieza race’s maximum strength is, since not many of them appear in the series. Unlike the Namek race, the human or Saiyan race appears a lot in the story so that we can measure the strength. That is why, even though the series has lasted for decades, Frost Demon is still a mystery.

We only know this race like Saiyans with the ability to transform to enhance their own strength. But unlike the Saiyan race, the Frost Demon race can heal body wounds after transforming. In addition, they have a great ability to survive, for example, the ability to adapt to the outer space environment in a very natural way. Not only that, the members of this race have a very high chance of survival despite being fatally wounded.

Plus we can see there’s something about the Frieza family that makes them special, as both Frieza and King Cold are known to be much stronger than other members of their race. Especially Frieza is considered the most prominent character, so he can easily surpass all the other members to become the strongest of his race. An extraordinary thing about Frieza is his healing ability, although all members of the Frieza race also have this ability, he is far superior. It has been suggested that Frieza got these remarkable abilities through a “gene mutation” in the same way that the Saiyans did.

In summary, there is not much information about Frieza, but we know that this is an extremely strong race with flexible fighting ability and mind. They are a race of warlike warriors with the ambition to dominate the universe. They are also known for their special abilities such as healing, regeneration, and self-healing. It is these things that make the Frost Demon appear rare, but the influence of this race in Dragon Ball is extremely large.

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