Goku’s Saiyan Legacy Makes Fans Think Deeper Than Dragon Ball

Goku is often seen as an unchanged character in Dragon Ball, but his legacy as a Saiyan reveals a more nuanced pattern of development.

For some odd reason, as the years have passed, Goku of Dragon Ball fame has become the standard for a character with no growth, but a closer look at his legacy reveals combat How deep are Saiyan soldiers. Throughout the first part of Dragon Ball, Goku’s character revolves around his own desires in life and develops a moral compass but things really change in chapter 195 with the birth of Raditz. Recognizing Goku’s maturity and ultimately accepting his legacy is important to understanding the person he became as the series evolved.

In chapter 195 of Dragon Ball, Raditz arrives on Earth, revealing that he is not only from a race of aliens known as the Saiyans but also Goku’s brother. To try and remind Goku why he is on Earth, Raditz explains that the Saiyans send their children to weaker, habitable planets to destroy the population and sell their worlds. . Upon learning the truth about his ancestors, Goku is disgusted by the brutality that Raditz describes as traditional Saiyans. At this point, Goku considers Saiyans nothing more than sadistic killers and rejects both his brother and his Saiyan origins, choosing to call himself Earthling. Goku’s relationship with his Saiyan legacy is continued once again when he meets Vegeta later.

During their first battle, Goku’s Kaioken technique disrupted Vegeta, and in retaliation, the prince decided to create an artificial moon known as the “Power Ball”, allowing him to transform into an ape. big.. When he first saw a Saiyan turning into a Great Ape, Goku realized that the monster that killed his grandfather and terrorized the World Martial Arts tournament years ago was himself. This realization is a turning point in Goku’s character, where he slowly accepts some of his nature by admitting that he has caused harm to people because of his Saiyan biology. Additionally, at the end of their fight with Vegeta, Goku also begs Krillin to spare Vegeta’s life, partly because he enjoys fighting due to his Saiyan nature. Although this reaches some degree of acceptance, Goku still considers this aspect of himself a disadvantageous quality.

During the Frieza saga, Goku begins to accept more of his Saiyan heritage through training and combat. He utilizes his Saiyan nature by using gravity training to push his body to the brink of death and heals continuously, thus growing stronger due to his Saiyan biological properties. he. During his battle with Frieza, Goku learns the true fate and suffering of the Saiyan race, and is acknowledged by Vegeta as the only Saiyan left who can avenge their people. Hearing Vegeta’s dying wishes, Goku accepts this accusation, eventually claiming his legacy as a Saiyan raised on Earth before fighting Frieza. However, this acceptance is not done narratively until Goku witnesses the death of his best friend Krillin and becomes a Super Saiyan – eventually combining his brutal warrior instincts. his Saiyan nature and the gentle heart he raised on Earth. In chapter 319, expressing overwhelming anger and acceptance, Goku finally declares himself as “Son Goku, Super Saiyan.” There are many instances in Dragon Ball where Goku has shown character growth, such as from killing Tambourine to save Vegeta, or his desire for a successor in Cell and the Buu sagas. Even so, the most iconic of these instances is undoubtedly Goku’s relationship to his Saiyan heritage. Goku’s character in Dragon Ball is much more complicated than fans think of him, and this character’s development ring alone proves it.

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