Issues with the supply chain of how the pandemic photo affects the release of NBA stars’ sports activities

Discussing supply chain issues while the movie shows a shipping container plunging across the ocean is probably not how Oklahoma City Thunder forward Darius Bazley envisioned his first national television commercial. for New Balance.

As the global home’s inactivity and late deliveries continue into the late summer and fall 2021, the brand’s emerging glossy portfolio has decided to take on products lacking eye near here at a point of the name is Shoe Commercial.

“All that is new. Maybe just sitting on a ship in the middle of the ocean,” Bazley was dumbfounded.

Denver Nuggets defender Jamal Murray added: “Product sourcing issues. “You got it.”

This is followed by its Two WXY shoe, which Murray, Bazley and the San Antonio Spurs have defended Dejounte Murray, all of which are on the headlines, which has yet to launch. Kawhi Leonard’s Kawhi 2 with New Balance was also contrasted when it launched in stores. (Like Leonard himself, who was sidelined with a head injury he suffered in the spring of the year of misery.)

Slide the calendar is just a matter of New Balance. That’s the struggle every brand faces during the 2021-22 regular season. Typically, many of the more than 20 pairs of signature shoes and boots are released in October and November, with detailed rollout plans, social media posts and promotional campaigns outlined in all summer to season.

Instead, over the past six months, the footwear and sportswear industry has been ravaged by the work to close factories implementing health and safety measures linked to the pandemic in Vietnam. and elsewhere in Asia.

According to this brand, about 51% of Nike footwear is made in Vietnam, another 24% is made in Indonesia. Many of the product launches in the fall simply missed the calendar after the July-to-September non-stop creating a 10-week period where Nike had no production output in Vietnam.

In total, more than 130 Nike unit products were not produced. Nike CFO Matt Friend said during a recent earnings press conference that half of the company’s default merchandise output is also made in the region. The brand’s estimated shipping time from Asia to the United States has been extended from 40 days to 80 days. (Shipping products by air is exponentially more expensive than shipping by boat and is rarely done.)

The impact is almost immediate. When Space Jam: A New Legacy was released at the end of July 2021, it served as a huge platform for LeBron James to launch his latest signature shoe, the LeBron 19, in the dramatic match of the… Tune Squad vs Goon Squad.

The sneakers take on the vibrant orange and blue styles of the Tune Squad uniform in the remake, originally slated to launch in August 2021 with limited and exclusive releases across Nike’s SNKRS app, which will then launch globally in September. Instead, the shoes are on sale December 18, 2021, with energy around the movie months in the rearview mirror.

“We are not immune to global supply chain obstacles that challenge [manufacturing] and shipping products around the world,” said Friend. “We expect all geographies to be affected by these factors.”

In the week leading up to Black Friday, the kick-off for the Christmas season, Nike informed retailers they purchased would not be able to multi-season production of upcoming products that had already been ordered, canceling orders. in the future for spring 2022, summer 2022 and the 2021 holiday “balance”.

The company says production has returned to 80% of capacity as of October 2021, but still expects delays to continue until at least spring 2022.

When Puma signed with LaMelo Ball for years before he was selected as the third overall choice in the 2020 NBA entry, the brand was given to the former head of the Big Baller franchise. Fung making him the first character silhouette in more than two decades is no small statement. Puma quickly timed from 14 to 18 dictionary shapes for a pair of characters to get his first pair of sneakers in an incomplete year.

With the job of being the rookie of the year debut, Puma aims to roll out his first shirt during the school sale as soon as his sophomore season begins. The $125 shoe was scheduled to launch in bright red, aimed at a group of middle and high school students who are also starting their own high school football season. Instead, the “Red Blast” shoe has been postponed to December, with three different colorways being released in February ahead of the NBA All-Star Weekend.

similarly, Adidas is looking to launch new character shoes for two of the brand’s iconic figures, James Harden and Damian Lillard, as the season gets underway. After eight seasons at Houston, Harden was prepared to start his first season with his latest franchise in Brooklyn, New York, in his sixth signed shoe from The Three Stripes.

It’s February and Harden Vol. 6 pairs of sports shoes have not been released yet, an employee of the factory closing work, only 10 items of Protection are delivered on the Adidas brand online store, none of them are sports shoes.

Lillard is looking to make her Olympic debut with the launch of the upcoming Dame 8 shoe to kick off the season. Instead, when the shoe was in motion for three months, Lillard began the Trail Blazers’ schedule in Dame 7 EXTPLY, which is still on store shelves and available through the fall.

He finally started wearing the new shoes in December 2021 before the retail launch was halted, wearing eight in just nine games before having to sit at the beginning of the month and finally go through a bout. . terms.

In November 2021, Adidas outlined how the closure of its factory in Vietnam – which accounts for 28% of production – has resulted in more than 100 million units not being produced in the second half of 2021, with an estimated revenue of 1.2 million units. billion euros.

Another big star, Stephen Curry, also had a problem with timing.

Following its launch in December 2020, Curry Brand executives and designers have headed for the most important milestone in the brand’s impressive resume of the same name. Curry was set to break the league’s 3-point record at some point in the early months of next season. The brand designed a special edition of his upcoming Curry Flow 9 for everyone, whenever it comes out.

As it turns out, Curry broke Ray Allen’s record at Madison Square Garden in mid-December 2021, when Allen and Reggie Miller were in the world’s most famous arena. Curry donned a jacket and cap with the “2974” logo on it (for the number of hits on record), then confidently laced up his “2974”-themed sneakers before kicking off with the Knicks. . Unfortunately, the special edition doubles won’t be released until spring, hopefully when the Warriors return to the knockout stages after a two-year hiatus.

As production problems became noticeable during the summer, Curry Brand looked for a creative way to celebrate record-setting, knowing that the actual shoe could still be months away from being available for purchase. user. They’ve moved into the digital world, offering one of the first NFT sets for a signed shoe the company has seen. With a year variation of the token token available in a series numbered 2,974, the full collection sold out in nine minutes and generated $999,000 in sales.

Small site received more than 25 million hits in the four days surrounding the launch event, with over 4 million users attempting to purchase limited quantities of the collections. Curry Brand said it would donate 100% of the funds to community organizations focused on the work of providing youth access to sport.

Some brands are looking to release sneakers digitally because production issues with the sneaker rug continue to work into the production schedule.

In the last days of 2021, a number of brands have submitted applications to link labels to service techniques. Nike plans to launch a foray of its own into the metaverse in the coming months to coincide with the company’s 50th anniversary. And the company is reconfiguring its operations between plant disruptions.

“Our teams, I switched to a non-seasonal approach as we navigated the inventory we had for the year’s balance,” said Friend. “To make sure we can meet user demand with the supply we have, rather than suspending it further.”

In other words, while ships wait for their brands, users will face a continuum of delays in nightly matched search for the remainder of the NBA season.

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