Minecraft – How to Attract Bees

Keep those bees from buzzing off!

Minecraft has acquired a lot of new creatures throughout its life cycle. Among the many creatures and animals, bees are a relatively recent addition to the game. Bees can be useful for pollinating different plants in Minecraft. They are also a major source of honey and hive, making them valuable to players looking to make candles or side sugar. Therefore, players should learn how to attract bees to make it easier to farm those resources.

How to attract bees
As one might deduce, bees are attracted to flowers. This includes dandelions, tulips, and sunflowers, as well as azaleas and their leaves. Players can hold these items in their hands and bees will rush towards them. Alternatively, they may lay flowers down to attract bees to other specific places. This is particularly useful for players who want to use the hive at their leisure, especially since naturally spawning hives cannot move without the Silk Touch enchantment.
The hive requires a hive to craft, so anyone looking to make a hive will still need to collect some hives from one or two beehives. One hive requires three hives and six planks. However, once created, the player can use flowers to attract bees near the hive. Once done, the player can safely swarm bees near the hive and destroy their nest without worrying about being attacked. Bees will attempt to sting the player if their hive breaks, and one sting will result in the bee’s death. By attracting the bees away, the player has a safe and reliable method of raising bees and hive as they wish.

Bees are one of many Minecraft mobs that players can use for their benefit. Minecraft farmers and animal tamers should also check out how to get pumpkins and how to tame horses.

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