Pokemon GO Disables Trading

While Niantic hasn’t clarified what caused the removal of trading, many Pokemon GO fans are speculating that AndKrem’s Reddit post was seen by developers before its removal. It’s currently unclear when trading will return to Pokemon GO, but Niantic has apologized to players for the inconvenience while it’s gone. Because Lucky Pokemon have better IVs than standard Pokemon and they require less Stardust to raise, this trading glitch may have been exploited by more Pokemon GO players than AndKrem before Niantic discovered the issue.

When Pokemon GO players trade with Lucky Friends, the Lucky Friend typically reverts to being a Best Friend, but it seems like AndKrem has ensured a way to prevent it from changing. Without the Lucky Friend status, Pokemon GO fans have slightly more than a 5% chance of receiving a Lucky Pokemon, but Lucky Friends are guaranteed to trade a Lucky Pokemon for one transaction. In order to be Lucky Friends, Pokemon GO players have to complete specific friendship actions with a Best Friends so that they can trade Lucky Pokemon.

Pokemon GO is available right now for Android and iOS.

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