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It looks like Fortnite’s Tilted Towers could be destroyed yet again

Just last month, players finally got to see the return of Fortnite‘s Leaning Tower landmark in Epic’s hugely popular battle royale game after nearly three years. However, data researchers have discovered evidence that Epic is planning to destroy the Leaning Tower again. Tilted Towers was introduced to Fortnite in Season 2 and quickly became known […]

Uncharted’s Fortnite Skins are Impressive, But Also Way Too Smooth

Uncharted hits theaters this week, after several delays and around a decade of development. Since this is of course a huge blockbuster and is based on a fairly popular franchise, it means it’s time for a Fortnite mash-up. Who’s ready for some character skins? The battle royale cartoon is bringing Nathan Drake to the helm […]