The 5 Best Filler Moments in Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball Z boasts an impressive history. This series is the source of internet memes, endless video games, and sequels that help keep the franchise alive. With beautiful animations and formidable enemies, it’s no wonder that DBZ still holds a special and nostalgic place in the hearts of fans.

That said, Dragon Ball Z has serious problems when it comes to pacing. Running while the manga was still being published, some key moments had to resort to extra measures so the anime could get enough content for an adaptation. There are an incredible number of episodes in Dragon Ball Z, some better than others.

The 5 Best Filler Moments in Dragon Ball

1-Another World Tournament

The Dragon Ball franchise goes back to its roots with a martial arts tournament against the strongest fighters in the universe. Held in the afterlife and with the reward being coached by Grand Kai himself, fans are in awe of the fighters’ spectacular abilities and techniques. This tournament is also where one of the strongest – and most loved – side characters was introduced. Pikkon is a fearsome fighter who gave Goku a run for his money and tried to end their fight in a draw.

2-The Garlic Jr. Saga

With unique abilities like vampire mind control and booby traps, the Garlic Jr. is a highly entertaining segment for fans. The resisters are taking on more powerful forms and are very close to achieving their goal. Being connected to the Dead Zone gave the arc a unique flare while also inadvertently foreshadowing Gohan’s role as the anime’s final protagonist.

3-Duel On A Vanishing Planet

Goku’s fight against Frieza may not be the end, but Piccolo delivers an anime-only monologue where he admits for the first time that he has respect for Goku. Considering how Goku and Piccolo’s bows parallel each other throughout the Frieza saga, it’s powerful to know Piccolo’s respect for Goku.

4-Gohan’s Training

Gohan’s training with Piccolo was adapted from the manga, but the anime was unsuccessful in the six months Gohan spent before actually beginning his training. From hunting robots, learning how to fend for themselves in the wilderness, and making friends with robots, Gohan’s side arc makes an already great part of DBZ even better.

5-Driving Lessons

Immediately after receiving a warning from the future about a deadly team of androids that will destroy the world, two of the most powerful warriors on the planet spend their time earning their driver’s licenses. With the doomsday countdown underway, Goku and Piccolo are forced by Chi-Chi to learn to drive because she is fed up of being chased by dinosaurs while bringing home shopping. Despite the premise, Goku and Piccolo’s learning to drive is a lovely addition that gives you some time to breathe before the cyborg shows up.

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