TOP 15 Best Fire Pokemon P.2

8. Volcarona

Bug-type Pokemon aren’t known to be the strongest of the bunch, but some really manage to stand out. A Bug/Fire-type, Volcarona is one of the more underappreciated of its kind. While it might stand out among other Bug-types, Volcarona is easy to glance when searching for a great Fire-type party member.

Low attack and defense don’t do it any favors, so trainers will need to rely on Volcarona’s high special and speed stats. Volcarona’s most effective moves can be found in TM/TRs, as those learned through leveling often don’t maximize its potential. A quadruple weakness to Rock can potentially be countered by teaching it, Solar Beam. But its weakness to Flying-types is harder to glance.

9. Magmortar

The Magmar tree is one of the more unique structured in the series, as the Pokemon initially did not evolve when it was first introduced in Gen I. It received a baby Pokemon in Gen with the introduction of Magby, while Gen II finished the line off with the inclusion of Magmortar.

Magmortar’s biggest weakness is its low base defense. Its mediocre base HP does it no favors either. Average speed makes it so that Magmortar will attack first in battle more often than not, which will allow it to take advantage of its incredibly high special attack. Fire Blast, Flamethrower, and Lava Plume all get STAB, and the potential to learn Solar Beam gives it an out against its various type weaknesses.

10. Delphox

Fennekin starts out as a pure Fire-type that gains a unique Fire/Psychic-typing when it evolves into Delphox. Most Fire-type starters that do take on a second type usually end up Fire/Fighting. This makes Delphox a desirable choice for any trainer looking to try something new.

High special attack and speed are what make Delphox such an asset on the battlefield. Though not quite a glass cannon, Delphox possesses mediocre defense but compensates for it with fantastic special defense. Moves like Future Sight, Flamethrower, and Fire Blast all get STAB alongside a bevy of others. So trainers have plenty of options when it comes to the Kalos starter.

11. Houndoom

Highest Stat: Special Attack (110)
Best Nature: Timid
Weak To: Ground (2x), Fighting (2x), Rock (2x), Water (2x)
First introduced in the second generation, Houndoom was one of the new Dark-type Pokemon introduced at the time. A Dark/Fire-type, Houndoomj remains a solid option for trainers looking to add what might be one of the best Fire-type Pokemon in the series.

Mega Houndoom outshines the original in both design and stat distribution. But that shouldn’t take away from Houndoom’s effectiveness in battle. Its high Special Attack allows it to capitalize off of its learnset, and it should serve as a well-balanced Fire-type option for players to add one to the mix.

12. Chandelure

Highest Stat: Special Attack (145)
Best Nature: Modest
Weak To: Ground (2x), Rock (2x), Ghost (2x), Water (2x), Dark (2x)
Chandelure is a unique Pokemon that many trainers would be thrilled to have in their party. There aren’t many like this Ghost/Fire-type in the franchise, and having it at hand during a given battle could be just what trainers need to turn the tide.

Its various weaknesses might scare some trainers off, but Chandelure more than makes up for that with its immunity to Normal and Fighting-type moves and seven different resistances. You won’t find many Pokemon like this, so those in search of a reliable Fire-type should snag it if the opportunity presents itself.

13. Pyroar

Highest Stat: Special Attack (109)
Best Nature: Timid
Weak To: Ground (2x), Fighting (2x), Rock (2x), Water (2x)
Longevity might not be Pyroar’s strong suit in battle, but the Fire/Normal-type has other uses that trainers can capitalize on. With middling defensive stats, Pyroar is best suited as a glass cannon. It does have a fairly high base HP stat, but virtually no defense.

Pyroar’s learnset allows for trainers to take advantage of its high Special Attack stat, with tons of great moves to choose from. Its Fire/Normal typing gives it an immunity to Ghost-types while it’s also resistant to six different types including Fairy.

14. Camerupt

Highest Stat: Special Attack (105)
Best Nature: Calm
Weak To: Ground (2x), Water (4x)
If Mega Evolutions were still a featured mechanic in the mainline games, Camerupt would likely rank higher. Regardless, it still stands as one of the best Fire-type Pokemon trainers can recruit into their party.

Camerupt won’t win any races, but it has average defensive stats and can deal a fair amount of Physical and Special damage. Most of its most powerful moves get STAB, so trainers can be sure that they’re going into battle with a bonafide asset regardless of what kind of build they favor.

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