TOP 5 times Son Goku put himself before his family

Goku is stronger than ever and he has taken down unbelievable threats, but these victories often come to his family and loved ones.

Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball Z has worked hard to become one of the most successful shonen series of all time. For more than three decades, Dragon Ball has been at the top of the anime industry, and audiences can’t get enough of Goku’s continuing adventures and the new heights of power he’s achieved.

Goku adheres to strict standards, especially in terms of training and the pursuit of perfection. Dragon Ball’s frequent alterations have helped Goku become stronger than he imagined, and he has taken down unbelievable galactic threats, but these victories often come at the expense of his family and loved ones.

TOP 5 times Son Goku put himself before his family

1-Goku Leaves To Train Uub

Goku admits to having unhealthy tunnel vision when it comes to training and the pursuit of greater power, but his selfish decisions in these matters tend to only benefit himself. . A very polarizing decision occurs at the end of Dragon Ball Z, when Goku decides to leave his family and friends behind to train Uub, the pure incarnation of Majin Buu, to become Earth’s next best hero. . Goku’s dedication to making sure Earth will always have someone strong enough to protect it is something to appreciate, but he barely knew Uub before he decided to give up everything he knew to train. train him.

2-Goku’s Solution To Perfect Cell Self-Destruction Causing Yourself Collateral Damage

Goku was always willing to go the extra mile when it came to battle, but the Saiyans made some nasty decisions during Cell’s reign of terror. Goku remains confident that Gohan will be the one to take down Cell, and he has gone as far as to help Cell on several occasions. All of this backfired as a desperate Cell resorted to self-destruction forcing Goku to use some quick thinking but only resulted in his own death. Goku does what he does to protect the planet, but there are plenty of chances to defeat Cell before it reaches this point.

3-Goku Chooses Continue To Die And Deny Wishes Of The Seven Dragon Balls

Death always strikes in Dragon Ball Z, but at least there’s a reassuring notion that characters can be resurrected by Dragon Balls. Fans were shocked when Goku’s family and friends made a wish on the Dragon Balls to bring him back to life, only for him to refuse the gesture and stay in the afterlife.

Goku’s reasoning here is that he is the lightning rod for conflict and his presence on Earth only opens up greater danger. Whether this is true or not, he still has a family that needs him and he ignores their wishes at this time.

4-Goku Ignore Future Trunks Advice About Imminent Heart Virus

Time travel is definitely a hot hit in Dragon Ball Z. Time travel was first introduced when Future Trunks went back in time to not only warn Earth’s heroes of invasion. The upcoming Android but also gives Goku an important heart potion that can cure the virus for him. Some people find it downright strange that Goku just pocketed the potion and didn’t take it until he was affected by this dangerous condition. Goku leaves his family without a father in the Future Trunks timeline and the same thing almost happens again because of Goku’s stupidity.

5-Goku Joins What Is Supposed To Be A Eternal Fusion

Fusion has become one of Dragon Ball Z’s more controversial techniques due to how easy it is to rely too much on the idea. There are different fusion processes, each with their own advantages and disadvantages, but Goku is ready to use the permanent fusion process that the Potara Earrings provide. Goku is willing to go the extra mile to defeat Buu, but he doesn’t think about the consequences that permanent fusion will have on his family. What’s even worse is that Goku’s original plan with the Potara Earring was to merge with Gohan, which would put Chi-Chi in an extremely awkward position.

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